Enlivening your body, mind & spirit

Our unique, holistic focus brings the source of your health issue into view.

Natural Healthcare

At Wellsource Naturopathic, our unique, holistic focus, brings the source of your health issue into view.  Our approach to healing uses safe and natural therapies with the goal to balance the imbalance and get you back to being your best you!

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I am passionate about helping others connect to their bodies and understand what their bodies are saying to them.  My knowledge of biochemistry, nutrition and genetics helps me turn your body’s symptoms into an understanding of the underlying causes and a guide to help repair and heal the body.”

-Dr. Wendy Wells.

What is our Philosophy?

First of all, do no harm.
Naturopathic physicians use effective and safe medicine.

Address the cause.
Naturopathic physicians will address the patient in a holistic
way, looking at all aspects including physical, mental,
emotional, and/or spiritual.

To act in cooperation with the healing power of nature.
Our bodies have innate wisdom and strength.
The healing process is ordered and intelligent
The goal of Naturopathic physicians is to:
Identify and remove obstacles to health
Establish a healthy internal environment
Establish a healthy external environment

To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.
No two patients with the same “disease” have the
same presentation of symptoms.

Naturopathic physicians will teach:
Principles of healthy living
Explanation of the biochemistry of the body
How to understand the connection between
our thoughts, emotions and our health
And much more..

Prevention is the best medicine.
Reduce your risk of disease by changing your lifestyle now!
Enhance your bodies internal environment to prevent heart
attack, stroke, cancer,  or arthritis.
Changing our environment can help us overcome genetic
predispositions to certain health conditions.