The following is a list of services offered at Wellsource Naturopathic.  The focus of treatments and services is always to heal the underlying cause or causes of the imbalance.  Each treatment is unique and based on one’s individual needs.

Bio-identical Hormones 
Chronic Pain Management
Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Sauna Therapy
Food Sensitivity Evaluation


Genetics interpretation
hCG Weight Management 
Heavy Metal Chelation
Heavy Metal Testing
Herbal Medicine 
Hormone Balancing – adrenal, thyroid, sex hormones
IV Nutrients


Neurotransmitter Testing 
Nutritional Counseling
Parasite Testing
Stool Testing – Comprehensive Gastrointestinal panel
Stress Management  
Testing Nutrient Status
Ultra Lite Weight Management Program
Zazen Scalar


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B12 Injections are always available.