What is it?

Heavy metal chelation is the process of safely detoxifying the body of metals.  The word “chele” means to grab.  Chelation is where metals are sequestered or “grabbed” by DMSA, or other chelating agent and solubilized so it can be safely eliminated.

Who needs it?

Removing metals has been shown to reduce blood pressure, eliminate plaque from your arteries, prevent stroke and heart disease, improve liver function, and helps relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain.  Metals form harmful free radicals in your body and removing them will allow the body to use its anti-oxidants for other purposes.

An Environmental Exposure Questionnaire many be completed to determine your toxin exposure history.

To avoid toxins in your food, water, and home is the best prevention of toxicity.

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What’s involved?

Heavy metal testing is needed to determine your levels and also see if you are having any current exposure.  It involves taking a dose of medicine and collecting your urine for 6 hours after.  The lab then sends the results to Dr. Wells for interpretation.
Dr. Wendy Wells uses oral chelation, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to reduce the toxic burden of heavy metals in the body.  After 3 to 6 months, retesting is indicated to see if your levels have dropped into the low to normal range.  IV therapy also may be prescribed.

Many patients feel a slight energy decrease for the first 3 days, then typically they feel stronger and stronger as the chelation process continues.  Of course, each individual will respond differently

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