Patient Testimonials


“Thank you to Dr Wells and her supportive staff!  Thanks to the guidance and assistance received during doctor visits, readily available supplements, and informative e-newsletters I have lost the weight, I am healthier, and have more energy than I have had for many years.”


“I was very impressed with my service at your office yesterday and I think I made the right choice in Dr. Wells. You girls were very pleasant and helpful and I look forward to my next visit. Thanks again!”


“For the past 3 weeks I have used the Zazen Scalar next to my bed.  Over that time I have slept so soundly that I really don’t think I have even moved in my sleep.  I have slept for 7 1/2 – 8 hours every night. I feel wide awake during the day and very well rested! My joint pain in my knee has completely subsided!”


“In the last six years, I have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bulimia, mold and hay fever allergies, asthma, chronic yeast infections, and psoriasis. I had disabling stomach pain, headaches, fatigue, and always seemed to have a cold. I went to numerous specialists, took countless medications, and my symptoms were continuing to get worse. After I moved to Arizona, I found Dr. Wells who discovered I was a celiac and that I was also sensitive to eggs. Simply cutting gluten and eggs out of my diet, has changed my life.  All of my stomach issues have completely subsided; I’ve reached a new mental clarity that I have never had before. I have so much energy, and can’t even remember the last time I’ve had a cold. It’s frustrating to think of how much time and money I spent over the last six years feeling terrible.  I am so thankful for Dr. Wells and my new found health!”

“I was referred to Dr. Wells for treatment of a condition I had been dealing with for three years. It required a daily medication which was disruptive to my schedule and had uncomfortable side effects.  Dr. Wells quickly identified my condition and prescribed a treatment regimen. The remedy allowed me to discontinue the daily prescription and required no permanent replacement regimen. I have happily referred several friends to her.”

 “I had been on antidepressants, and other medications to deal with my ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. Dr. Wells did a neurotransmitter panel test no MD ever suggested. The results indicated a course of treatment and supplements that allowed me to eventually stop taking all prescription medication. I am happier that I have ever been, and…

…my sense of well-being is constant and stable for the                                               first time in my life.”

“When Dr. Wells and I chose the HCG diet for me it was because I had yo-yoed so many times that my metabolism was slowed and I had 50+ lbs to lose at age 46. Initially, I couldn’t imagine living on 500 cals a day, without breakfast. Not only that but I thought I came into her office for the injection every week. When I found out I had to give myself an injection everyday I was nearly panicked. But, to go somewhere inside me that I had never been I had to trust someone and I put my trust in Dr. Wells.

Well, I got over my fear of injections. I learned I could do well on 500 calories with hcg. The magic however came from getting rid of chemicals in my food and skin care as well as cooking and planning ahead. I weighed and cooked my proteins and veggies ahead of time. It was actually liberating to know exactly what I would have and have it be done.  Honestly, I felt good, with plenty of energy and didn’t feel the usual energetic ups and downs nor the bloating and discomfort I was used to. After only 40 days I lost 30 lbs and have maintained it for 6 weeks. I still plan and often cook ahead. I feel so good and in control that it REALLY changed my relationship to food. By the way, I eat plenty. I wasn’t even tempted at Halloween because I feel so good and don’t want to go back. Soon, I will go on a second round to take off the last 25 lbs. I look forward to living longer, happier and healthier. You can do it too.
Thank you so much Dr. Wells and staff.”
Ami Peters


“Dr. Wendy Wells….this may seem over-the-top praise, but she DID pretty much save my life.  I had been sent from one dr. to another for years, had 3 operations from simply being misdiagnosed for years.  By the time I saw Dr. Wells, I could not even turn myself over in bed. I was at the end of my rope.  Her proper diagnosis of Lyme disease and subsequent remedies geared specifically for my whole health , not just Lyme, brought me back to being part of life again.  My husband and I both have such high regard for her intelligence, dedication to people’s health, her skill and deep compassion.  The rest of my family was so skeptical until they actually saw me be able to move my body again.  “Traditional” physicians were only open to their insular world, where Dr. Wells investigated and researched until she found what was wrong and the best method for me to get well. Dr. Wells=as good as it gets.”


“I enjoy coming in.  Dr Wendy Wells is very helpful and easy to talk to.  Dr. Wells is very thorough and I love how she looks at health so differently.  She totally healed my daughter and made me look at food we eat in such a different way.  Dr. Wells continues to work on my sleeping issues.  BIG improvements in my health overall!”


“With her careful, kind approach, Dr. Wells is helping me handle some underlying health issues by seeing them in a new way.

She is very knowledgeable, but is also wonderful about adjusting her approach to fit my particular health needs.

I recommend her services wholeheartedly.”


“Two months ago my doctor told me I needed to go on Cholesterol meds….my reading was 222 and the HDL was down to 60….LDL up to 120. I knew that there was no way I was going to take statins, so I sought out the knowledge of a friend, Wendy Wells, a naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale (Wendy does NOT know what I am writing here). Wendy spent 1.5 hours talking to me about my overall health (I had actually been sick for well over a year…but disguised it well..huh!) and then prescribed a variety of vitamins and herbs that worked in combo on not just cholesterol but also my thyroid, adrenal glands and chol. We also did additional testing. I just came from Wendy’s office where she gave me my lab results. Cholesterol 175, HDL 80, LDL 83! Thyroid down from 2.49 to 1.26! We also discovered a bunch of food intolerances…and with the addition of a totally changed diet and Acupuncture…I can honestly say I have not felt this good in decades! This is not an ad for Naturopathic medicine…but I guess it is a sincere testimonial! WOW! I am totally convinced about how I will approach my medical needs as I age. I know this topic is not comfortable for everyone…but I wanted to share a personal success story! Thank you Wendy!”


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