Gastrointestinal Comprehensive Tool Analysis

Great health includes proper digestion, assimilation of nutrients, ability to ward off pathogens and timely elimination of waste! One part cannot be left out! Poor digestion and malabsorption of vital nutrients can contribute to fatigue, chronic diseases, poor immune status and nutritional deficiencies.

Impairment of the intestinal system can lead to the development of food allergies, systemic illnesses, autoimmune disease, and toxic overload from substances that are usually kept in the confines of the battle for elimination. With the results of this stool analysis you receive a comprehensive research based guide on how to eliminate pathogens, restore proper digestion and promote healing.

The Gastrointestinal Comprehensive Stool Analysis answers the following questions:

Do I have good or bad bacteria or yeast?
The Comprehensive Stool Analysis is a tool that allows one to see the actual numbers of good and bad bacteria as well as yeast or candida. There are many strains or species of each, which are identified in this analysis. Incredibly important is the culture and sensitivity testing that identifies which natural medicines or drugs kill your specific species of pathogen.

Am I digesting my food properly?
The levels of undigested food such as fat, muscle, vegetables and carbohydrates is determined. Also measured are the levels of pancreatic enzymes.

Do I have an inflamed bowel?
Chronic inflammation can go undetected and cause low grade problems that turn into bigger life threatening issues if left unchecked. If inflammation is found, changes in diet and supplementation can turn things around quickly. One can also use other testing methods, such as food testing, to find the source of the information so it doesn’t return. This testing can determine if you have inflammatory bowel vs irritable bowel.

Is the immune system in my GI tract working?
In addition, the immune system marker secretory IgA is checked, a valuable assessment tool. Secretory IgA prevents binding of pathogenic material to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, preventing damage.

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