Did you ever really look at the labels of some of the foods you eat?  Have you ever wondered WHY all that stuff is in there?  I often find myself looking at labels, then I put the box or bag back on the shelf!  We are meant to eat live foods, foods that are close to life, not those that have been rolled, pressed, shaped, put in plastic, added chemicals from drums, put in boxes, shipped across the world… well you get the picture!

I am a big fan of eating local, shopping at farmers markets when possible, and buying foods that are not pre-packaged.  These markets carry mostly organic fresh picked delicious fruits, vegetables and meats.

Some of the most toxic food additives and preservatives include sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, pesticides, BHT, sodium nitrates, MSG, brominated vegetable oil, dyes and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fat).  Many of these toxins, especially pesticides, build up in the system and are stored in the body in the fat tissue.  They way heavy on our immune system and can cause chronic disease.  The best way to get them out is to sweat using a far-infrared sauna.

For details on which are the most important foods to avoid due to pesticides, you can go to www.ewg.org and download the shoppers guide to carry with you.  I like this blog about the dangers of the additives and preservatives that are put in our foods.  Once you make the switch to whole foods, your health will surely benefit.  After beginning this new way of eating, you may be interested in further detoxification of your body.

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