Balance Your Hormones

Congratulations for taking the first step toward your total well-being!

Hormones are key to health and balancing them takes time and attention. Are you one who has experienced any of these signs and symptoms?

Hot flashes
Night sweats
Brain fog
Weight gain
Amenorrhea (no mense)
Irregular mense
Heavy mense
Hair loss
Breast tenderness
Menstrual cramps
Pain during ovulation
Decreased libido

If you answered YES to any of these symptoms, then you likely have a hormone imbalance.

How can I get back in balance? Glad you asked!

After a thorough hour long consult (phone, video or in-person) and possibly a simple test via blood, saliva or urine, the healing process can begin. I use a variety of means to help re-balance the hormones depending on the individual needs. Healing can take the form of cleansing/detox, herbs/vitamins, diet/lifestyle changes and/or prescription natural medicines.

Now I need some information so I can contact you!

I look forward to working with you on your journey!

Dr. Wells

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    Dr. Wendy Wells