Blue light is everywhere, it’s in the sunlight, produced by light bulbs and also is very prevalent in our screens cellphone, iPad, computers, etc. This light is good for us in the morning, it helps us wake up and get moving.  Unfortunately, it has a bad side as well. Blue light not only strains your eyes but it depletes the body and brain of two vital neuro-hormones: melatonin and dopamine.  Melatonin supports sleep and is anti-inflammatory to the brain. Dopamine controls sleep, mood, attention and memory.  Blue light also can cause you to have an eye condition called macular degeneration.  Blue light and EMF’s from our devices can put us in a ‘fight or flight’ state which is the opposite of the healing state our body needs to be in, especially during sleep.

When we go to bed at night our nervous system is should enter into the parasympathetic state in which the processes of rest, repair, and regeneration take center stage. If the body continues to be stressed at this time of natural healing it will stay in a sympathetic mode which favors the processes of activity (i.e. ‘fight or flight’ response). Having the body protected and supported at this crucial time allows the body to enter into a healthy parasympathetic state so that all these vital healing to happen.

To turn off the blue light from your device, here is your IPhone HACK 


Go to Setting, click Display and Brightness, click Night Shift Schedule from Midnight to 1159 pm, move it from less warm to more warm. This is better for your eyes. You should use this 24 hours a day.


Next, go to Settings, click General, click Accessibility, then go to Display Accommodations – Toggle this On.

Then go to Color Filters – Toggle On then click it, choose Color Tint, scroll the intensity all the way to the right.

Click the Back Button, go to Reduce White Point – Toggle on and all the way up.

At this point you will notice that the screen is very dark. Don’t worry! Go to Settings, General, click Accessibility, scroll all the way to the bottom, turn “Shortcut” on, and then check reduced white point and color filters. Use this every day at sunset.

You’re all set!


All the best,

Dr. Wendy