What are the conditions of endocrinology?

The endocrine system involves many systems including the adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries, thyroid, and testes. Patients with endocrine issues most often experience symptoms of fatigue, weight gain or loss, dizziness, sleep disturbance, or blood sugar imbalance.

How can I treat endocrine issues naturally?

The body is wise and trying to convey to you, using the language of “symptoms”, that something you are doing is not agreeing with it.  Dr. Wells will help figure out what your body is saying and correct the problems.  Dr. Wells will first determine the underlying cause(s) of endocrine issues and help you clean up your diet and lifestyle.  She may start with blood work and go from there.

Many times, specialty tests are needed as traditional blood work is limited, and chronic infections, food intolerance testing, heavy metals testing, urinary amino acids, detox profile, or whatever testing is needed to find the cause(s).  Testing is not always needed, yet it can be very valuable information.  Once the cause for disease in your body is unveiled, treatment can begin.

How long before I feel better?

Every patient is unique and healing happens faster for some than others. Getting on board with natural or pharmaceutical treatment protocols for patients can happen immediately, and you can feel better quickly. However, determining and fixing the underlying causes can take some time. The time depends on the patient’s commitment to healing. If detoxification is needed, doing this over a long period of time is safer and easier. After the first changes are made, however, most notice improvements within a week or two.

What’s involved in the natural treatment of endocrine conditions?

In treating patients with Hendocrine conditions, Dr. Wells may recommend you change your diet, exercise routine, and take a therapeutic level of supplements or pharmaceuticals if needed.  All treatment is specific to you.  Dr. Wells will educate you as to what you need to get to the root of the health issue, and support the body with exactly what it needs to heal.  If chronic viruses or heavy metal toxicity is found to be the root cause, IV nutrient therapy or chelation may be needed.

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